June 25, 2024 30 Views

My biggest bugbear is food waste and so to help reduce personal food waste I buy food to a greater or lesser degree every single day. I have a well-stocked store cupboard, but fresh items are purchased pretty much on a need-to-have basis. The privilege of my situation compared to many is not lost on me and nor should it be on you, dear reader.

And so, driving home after a day’s work, I ended up in a high street supermarket buying bread. I was ravenous so I figured that a slice of pre-dinner bread and butter (yes real butter!) would be quick and filling and would be great for breakfast toast the next day.

The granary seeded loaf was exquisite. Still warm from the oven, soft in the middle with just enough crust to make me work hard at chewing. The bag I carried it in was biodegradable and so went in my compost bin too. Nutritionally it was also a big hitter; insoluble fibre, starchy carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential fatty acids, plant protein, vitamin E, zinc and copper. It cost me £1.89 and was worth every penny.

The customer in front of me spent £2.04 on a six pack of diet cola and a plastic bottle of water added at the checkout, presumably as she felt a bit thirsty in the moment and chucked it on the conveyor belt. The nutritional value of this liquid shop was a big fat ZERO. Flavoured water with artificial sweeteners and plain water provides hydration but no nutrition at all and artificial sweeteners are seriously harmful. Let’s also not forget the plastic wrap around the cans and the bottle, which even if recycled uses energy to be reused. Let’s also not forget that whilst the water companies are busy polluting EVERY single river in the UK, we can currently take for granted that clean drinking water is available at home and everywhere that has a tap.

So, same shop, same £2, same availability of produce but one wise choice, one poor choice.

Before you choose who you vote for on July 4th maybe start making better choices in your everyday life as we’re all in this mess together.

Be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

It starts with the next £2 you spend…..