Thank you, Mr P 

Mr Pilgrim was my secondary school Biology teacher who opened my eyes to the “magic” of digestion and absorption.  I learnt about how the foods we eat are made up of macro and micro-molecules and that the human body is exquisitely designed to break them down and build them up into other substances like blood, nerve and skin cells. Obviously, it wasn’t magic but science, but it seemed magical to me and is testament to the profound effect that a great teacher can have. 

 Thank you, Mr X 

That led me to chase a nutrition degree with my low A-level grades which was offered from Oxford Polytechnic after a very kind Head of Catering chap saw my desperate enthusiasm for the Biology, Food Science & Nutrition course, rather than the Catering one for which I was being interviewed. 

First Jobs 

After that I did a post-graduate diploma at Leeds Polytechnic and qualified as a Dietitian, landing my first job at a busy general hospital, seeing lots of medical, surgical and community patients. 

Next step was working as a Regional Nutritionist with the Central sales teams for Nutricia Clinical Care and Cow & Gate, which involved nutrition training and technical product support for healthcare professionals. 

Brain & Body Nutrition 

Two babies later and attendance at the Food & Behaviour Research Conference in 2005 was a huge turning point for me.  Having thoroughly researched the growing evidence of how nutrition significantly influences mental, as well as physical health, I launched Brain & Body Nutrition; a private practice with a special interest in children with autism. 

Environmental Nutrition 

Now my focus has shifted to a more global perspective, and I want to be part of the solution to our climate and health crises. 

This is what Environmental Nutrition is all about….. please read my blog, follow me on twitter or get in touch